‘LAVISH’ is the latest music video from Toronto-based indie hip-hop collective, STAYOUTLATE


Olivia Rayner

[10th May 2021] 4-piece alternative hip-hop collective STAYOUTLATE are the latest Canadian exports making noise across the pond with their dynamic flows, conscious bars and melodic delivery, courtesy of the group’s mixed bag of musical talents. Founded back in 2014, Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir and YoungWolf combine their shared skills across rap, songwriting and production to create sonically unique and thought-provoking music that incorporates a range of influences whilst keeping real hip-hop at its heart.

Bursting onto the scene with confidence, cool and charisma, the music video for ‘LAVISH’, shot and directed by REVIVE FILMZ, is a thrilling exploration of the ever-evolving definition of the word ‘“Lavish” for these artists. From the simplest of moments to the most grandiose, STAYOUTLATE provokes you to evaluate what LAVISH means to you as they figure out what it means to them. As the second single from the groups forthcoming full-length project, ‘LAVISH’ sets the tone for what’s yet to come, proving STAYOUTLATE to be ones to watch in the coming year.


STAYOUTLATE is an art collective from Toronto, Canada comprised of 4 individual artists. Tremayne, Scotty IV, Charlie Noiir, YoungWolf. Known predominantly for their high energy live shows, they have recently spent an enormous amount of time beefing up their music catalogue. The name STAYOUTLATE was created by Scotty IV and his Manager Jei Parks, based on Scotty's first single by the same name that put the collective on the map. The first iteration of the group was formed in 2016 with founding members Tremayne and Scotty IV as artists and Jei Parks and Erkz as managers. The group's message strongly revolves around the idea of a rose that grew from concrete. the range of each artist is what sets STAYOUTLATE apart from other groups. Between the melodies and delivery of Charlie Noiir and Scotty IV, the alternative hip hop appeal of Tremayne and YoungWolfs roots in EDM, STAYOUTLATE truly has something for everyone. with their fast-growing buzz in North America and a budding fan base in Europe this collective's stars will surely continue to brighten.

Source Olivia Rayner

May 19, 2021 1:52pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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