Londoner Richie Gathu returns with the irresistible summer jam, ‘Cosa Nostra’


Olivia Rayner

[17th June 2021] Richie Gathu is the new kid on the block with big bars, bags of talent and even bigger dreams. Born in Kenya and raised in Bristol, this young up and comer fully embraces both his African heritage and his British home, with many of his musical influences inspired by his dual nationality.

Back with his third release of 2021, following on from ‘Championships’ and ‘Euphoria,’ Richie presents fans with another self-written and produced single in the form of the irresistible jam, ‘Cosa Nostra’; a vibrant and energetic track that’s just in time for the warmer, summer months.

Picture this; the flight to your dream paradise holiday has just touched down. As you step out to paradise you are greeted with a cocktail of your choice and suddenly you hear a sweet guitar melody that makes you want to hit the salsa all the way to the hotel, you just can't help but dance and sing along as soon as you hear it. The song is ‘Cosa Nostra’ and its distinctive, guitar-led melody and up-tempo beat will leave no foot un-tapped!

“As soon as I press play on Cosa Nostra, I'm teleported to Havana, Cuba or to the Amalfi Coast. In my mind, I see a beautiful sunset on the horizon, my body fuelled by 15 (or more) tequila shots as I hit the salsa across a pebbled street toward my lover who is in the exact same vibe as I am. The inspiration for the song stems from lockdown, the endless months of being separated from a lover and planning to "pull up" as soon as I could. I even had to sprinkle some Swahili in there to add extra flavour to the tune!” - Richie Gathu

Professionally mixed by Richie’s Sixth Form friend Benji Cooper and mastered by none other than Adam Haggar (Migos, Childish Gambino), ‘Cosa Nostra’ shows off the very best of Richie’s immense talent, energy and lyrical prowess through a series of melodic, bouncy verses and unforgettable, sing-along hooks that capture the ear and catapult the mind to a sunny, tropical paradise. With his ambitions set to the stratosphere with no plans on stopping, Richie Gathu is proving himself to be a very worthwhile contender in the arena of UK Rap.

“I don't think there's anyone I've played the song to that hasn't sung the chorus by the end of the second verse. That's what makes this song very special to me, It's like a damn drug, and has a lotta quotables! When I first created the song, I didn't realise just how magnetic it would be. I still can't stay still any time I listen to it.” - Richie Gathu



Richie Gathu is a 24-year-old music artist and self-taught producer born in Nairobi, Kenya before immigrating and being raised in the town of Bristol, UK in his early life. Richie’s African roots deeply define his sound and the influence of his proud culture and heritage have been evident throughout his previous releases, most notably; the Black Boy Lane EP and 7:27.

An artist with an ever-developing sound immersed in catchy melodies and storytelling verses, Richie Gathu brings an indistinguishable sound to the table. As far as diverse penmanship skills go, Richie’s ability to curate different moods with every release is unmatched. His previous single, ‘Championships’ highlights his growth as both an artist and producer, as well as Richie’s ability to craft hard-hitting punchlines and memorable hooks.

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June 17, 2021 11:19am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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