Desmond Myers reveals his debut album, Shadowdancer released alongside the lead single, ‘Shadows’

"Creating a debut album isn’t easy, but making it look effortless with his impassioned project is Desmond Myers with Shadowdancer." - WONDERLAND


Olivia Rayner

[8th October 2021] Songwriter and vocalist Desmon Myers prepares to reveal his long-awaited debut album, Shadowdancer. Lyrically impassioned and sonically inviting, the Shadowdancer album is set to be released alongside the visuals to the lead single, ‘Shadows’ directed by David Nobles. This final single acts as the centrepiece and the glue that ties the whole album together by providing context behind the deeper meaning of the overall project.

If previous Desmond Myers’ tracks have felt like the singer was opening his closet for all to see, ‘Shadows’ is the grand finale of that character arc. Where tracks like ‘Playing with Fire’, which earned the singer his first million streams, felt like Desmond was taking us on a journey through his battle with temptation, and ‘Real Man’ gave a bitingly honest critique of the insidious masculinity he inherited from his upbringing, ‘Shadows’ is the final thrilling chapter on this voyage of self-discovery.

Shrouded in dark, mysterious and funk-fuelled melodies, ‘Shadows’ was written by Desmond following a period of great uncertainty in his life; juggling fatherhood for the first time while still questioning young man's ideas about sexuality and the crushing expectations of an international career in a music industry that seems to want artists untethered and hungry for as long as possible. Fear, self-doubt and isolation plagued a lot of the writing process but, as ever, it was the music itself that dug him out of the darkness. Lost in the driving beat and swaggering guitars ‘Shadows’ was penned as a celebration of finding the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as tender and heartfelt homage to finally gaining self-acceptance.

"Shadows” is a song I wrote after being frustrated with overthinking. I can be a very cerebral person at times and I wanted to make a song that got me out of my own head.
I had been making a lot of mid-tempo music about things that were very personal to me and I just wanted to make something to shake those feelings off to. It ended up being just as vulnerable of an experience as those other songs. It was like treating myself through song, which is its own unique kind of vulnerability.”

  • Desmond Myers

Based in Atlanta, Georgia but just as comfortable in Paris, France, Desmond Myers has spent the best part of the last year honing his craft and living between these two iconic cities following his addition to the Parisienne neo-soul outfit Her, which soon lead to Desmond being signed by the French record label, LVCO Production in 2020.

Fast forward to the present day and Desmond is highly regarded as a seasoned recording artist and a regularly occurring act in the Paris music scene and beyond. Influenced greatly by his time in the city of love, Shadowdancer showcases Desmond’s unique history with the European country by employing a veritable première classe of French musicians; drummer Mathieu Gramoli (Her, Gaël Faye) bassist Pierre Elgrishi (NACH, Clara Luciani) and guitarist Louis Marin Renaud (Théo Lawrence, Lou Doillon) who also mixed the album.

Entirely self-written and conceptualised, the lyrical composition of Shadowdancer is equally as alluring, emotive and complex as its instrumentation. Delivered over 8 incredible tracks, the Shadowdancer album sees Desmond Myers expertly traverse a number of sonic landscapes and touch on a multitude of personal themes. From the deep, grooving motivation of, ‘Fuck Fear’ to the infectious beats of ‘Different Energy’ and the sultry crooning in ‘Abercrombie’, Desmond Myers offers fans and listeners a project woven together by a rich tapestry of sounds and textures. Each passing track is wholly different from the last whilst managing to remaining seamless and coherent as an overall body of work.

An incredibly skilled vocalist and masterful songwriter, Desmond Myers has proven himself a more than capable artist time and time again, and Shadowdancer is a shining testament to his growth, versatility and development, both as an artist and a human being.


Desmond Myers Biography

Groove, sensuality and sincerity. That’s Desmond Myers’ take on r&b-tinged singer-songwriter pop in 2021.

Desmond was born on a farm in North Carolina, the last of four boys. Everything about his young life revolved around tending to the family's bull farm, but Desmond discovered a passion for music at a young age, picking up a guitar at age 11 and quickly writing his first few songs. Throughout his high school years, Desmond could often be found gigging most nights in neighbouring Charlottesville bars, playing with musicians and bands many years his elder. This fruitful, early experience led him to meet producer Nicholas Balachandran, a German native who invited Desmond to follow him to Germany and check out the music scene there. At just 17 years of age, the opportunity was too good for Desmond to pass up.

Upon arriving in Germany Desmond quickly logged in hundreds of solo acoustic shows across the country. It was a particularly rewarding, formative experience that eventually led him to the city of Paris, a place Desmond now calls his “musical home” after signing to French label LVCO Production in 2020. Upon arriving in Paris, Desmond soon met Victor Solf, then one half of the French music duo Her, who involved him in correcting and editing the band’s lyrics and later inaugurated him as a guitarist in their live shows. That same year, Desmond released his debut EP Brothers and Fathers. The EP was born out of a love of hip-hop and dusty 70s r&b and rock, equally influenced by the likes of Neil Young and Frank Ocean.

Her’s untimely demise due to the tragic passing of lead singer Simon Carpentier became the impetus for Desmond to return to the states, now settling in Atlanta, and building a small studio in the southern capital. Despite the return to his homeland, Desmond and Her drummer Mathieu Gramoli decided to continue collaborating long-distance. Often found in the tour bus together geeking over Questlove, or D'angelo records, Mathieu and Desmond’s similar appreciation for live, band-based R&B records like Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” or BADBADNOTGOOD’s “IV”, was a natural catalyst for the pair to create music together.

Mathieu, a true veteran of the French music scene, had long been harbouring a desire to start a record label and chose Desmond as his first signature. In 2020 they inked, just before the pandemic. COVID, notwithstanding they pursued and their first collaboration “Playing with Fire” was released and earned Desmond his first million streams for a single song.

The Line of Best Fit praised the song and “sensual and assured pop..” and praised the track’s “self-guided” originality. The two following singles “Chinatown” and “Real Man” were released to acclaim, earning playlist spots on French national radio station FIP and featured in publications like Rolling Stone, and Canal +. The fourth single “Shadows” is the centrepiece of Desmond’s forthcoming album “Shadowdancer” which drops via LVCO Production on October 8th.

Words by Sophie Rosemont.

Source Olivia Rayner

October 12, 2021 11:13pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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