Electronic German artist Edwin Rosen kickstarts the year with the strikingly innovative ‘Vertigo’


Olivia Rayner

After a whirlwind 2021, including a sell out debut tour and EP release, the enigmatic electronic producer and German artist Edwin Rosen is back and raring to take 2022 by storm, starting with kickstart single - ‘Vertigo’.

Forever the explorer when it comes to his musical creations, Edwin continues to push the boundaries within his production. Utilising his playground of expertise, the nostalgia inducing, classic 80’s style sounding synths, he brings a unique freshness to this well loved sound, cementing his mark on the underground German music scene and beyond.

Channeling this creativity and harnessing his cult following, Edwin has also released a trail of breadcrumbs for his fans to decipher, in order to be able to join an exclusive group on Telegram ahead of the video release. With a teaser having been dropped last week, fans could then enter the password here, which hint hint is the same as the new single title.

An innovative way to reveal and subsequently promote the first single of the year as well as drive traffic towards the premiere of the video. Edwin showcases yet again his ingenuity in order to stand out amongst a highly competitive market. In the age of the NFT’s it pays to be thinking outside of the box, and harnessing new platforms in this way is an exciting talking point to this anticipated release.

Starting out in 2020, during the course of his short yet formidable musical career so far, Rosen has 5 successful singles and now a debut EP „mitleerenhänden" firmly under his belt. Having been catapulted from a relatively unknown bedroom producer to a highly popular and respected musician, Rosen’s fanbase is increasing by the day, boasting a huge 13 million streams for his debut single ‘Leichter//kälter’ and a collective of over 11 Million streams for his five other singles combined.


Edwin Rosen Biography:

Creating music purely as a means of personal catharsis and enjoyment, Rosen takes his inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma, calling his music “Neueneue Deutsche Welle” which loosely translates to ‘New-new German Wave’, his modern-day reimagining of new wave/post-punk music which sprung out of West Germany back in the 1980s, with heavy rock and electronic influences. This newly coined word is the only information that can be found on Rosen’s Spotify biography, unlike many upcoming artists in their early 20’s, Rosen prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight and let his music speak for itself.

Young, ambitious and shrouded in mystery, Edwin Rosen has proven himself to be somewhat of a dark horse in the electronic music arena. Done without a label, promo or any sort of elaborate marketing plan, Edwin Rosen managed to achieve the impossible, almost tripling his fanbase in a few months, gaining the attention of print magazine Das Wetter and winter sports company Audi Nines, who used his last single for one of their promo videos. Newly signed to Berlin indie label IRRSINN, Edwin Rosen is proving himself to be one to watch for the coming year through sheer talent, authenticity and hard work.

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January 28, 2022 8:09am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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