"The girl with the fantastic voice and the brilliant songs." - The Bedford

"Musical style and creative writing on Adele, and the incredible big voice of Celine Dion.” - Matt Hancock (BBC Radio Bristol)

“Leyla is a multi-faceted artist who surprises with her personality and her unique voice beyond current pop standards.” - Direct Actu


Olivia Rayner

London-based half-Greek half-Turkish songstress Leyla Diamondi is ready to stir new energy into the UK’s music scene, effortlessly combining piano ballad elements with pop influences to create her own pristine musical stamp. Following the kinetic release of her latest track ‘My Soul Cries’, Diamondi returns with stunning new spectacle ‘Broken Pieces’, unveiling it as the next step in her artistic blossoming.

With only a few years of music under her belt, the 23-year old has proven herself to be an impactful force in the industry, having helped raise over £80,000 for the WARchild Charity. Her music has aired on BBC Radio London, BBC Introducing, UK Health Radio and LGR. Her live performances have equally made their impression at BBC 6MUSIC festival fringe, COYA Mayfair, Boxpark Wembley and at her Werkhaus London sold out headline show. Diamondi has gained recognition by the likes of Warner Bros, who featured her in their ‘Popsito’ playlist, and Hotel Chocolat, who provided her a two-month residency in their in-store repertoire.

This ongoing impetus also rushes through ‘Broken Pieces’ where Diamondi’s vocals undeniably hold full control throughout. Packed in pathos, they ooze in a magnetic divergence of vulnerability and resilience. Leyla’s delivery begins fragile and broken, weaving through the stripped instrumentation to recount the challenges of gathering her broken pieces back together. As the track progresses, her vocal choreography reaches supreme poignance, conversing with the piano motif to produce an alluring show. Composed of diverse facets, Diamondi’s tone manages to meticulously target an array of sentiments and skillfully deliver intensity, tenderness and strength.

To complement this rendition, a seemingly hidden arrangement germinates through the cracks to reveal vivid layers which daintily take the spotlight especially upon a second listen. ‘Broken Pieces’ opens with the classically familiar, enveloping and expressive imprint of a piano. In a seamless marriage with Leyla’s delicate voice, the pair travels to the chorus, colliding into a dreamy string arrangement which widens the track to paint an ethereal yet tangible display. The section is doused in luxurious bells which generate a mystical aura. Unveiling yet another surprise, Leyla offers a taste of grunge with a brief gritty electric guitar strum pattern

The chorus lands with fuzzy synth textures and with its end comes a beat carrying enchanting momentum. The song proceeds in a passionate exhibit, reaching peak pathos before culminating with the lyric ‘And if I want to help you then I’ve got to help myself’. ‘Broken Pieces’ presents ache and worry alongside a tone of hope and healing. It is an emblem of Diamondi’s artistic self-discovery and a witness to her musical identity consolidating.

Behind the frailty of ‘Broken Pieces’ lies grand power. Leyla Diamondi uses her intuitive gift for music to promote significance - every one of her songs is filled with substance and carries intent. Shedding light on growth and seeking to encourage unity over division, Diamondi is making a dent in the industry as an indispensable power source.

Leyla Diamondi on ‘Broken Pieces’:

“When I was writing Broken Pieces, my intention was never to release it. My reason for writing this song was because I had a need to be completely exposed, vulnerable, bold and open. I felt in the past I was hiding behind the production because I was afraid to be honest. When I recorded the vocals with my good friend Lef at his home studio I was crying and crying, the tears wouldn't stop. Lef was kind and peaceful, he just sat back in his chair and said, "wow, the power of music man." To me this felt like he was trying to say, I'm not judging you and here you are safe. In that moment I really needed that. Broken Pieces has given me strength and self-trust. I used to put up walls to feel safe, because I was afraid of being rejected by the pack if you will, but now I have come to realise that being open and fluid (like water) is so much more powerful; invincible. I am not afraid anymore. This has been my songwriting journey.”

Source Olivia Rayner

September 5, 2022 1:06pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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