LA based duo release new electronic single 'Time'


Olivia Rayner

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, now living in Los Angeles, California. Tree Lined Streets are: Mark Leddy (Lead Vocals and Keyboards) and Tim Boland (Guitar, Bass, Keys and Backing Vocals).

TLS’s first album ‘Transformation’ released Oct 2020 was a particular blend of guitar-driven rock, taking root from the glory days of rock in the 1960s and ’70s and growing into a sound that is both contemporary and uniquely TLS.

For their second album currently in progress, TLS have moved into making music that relies less on live drums and guitar driven songs, to highlight electronic elements, creating a more synth driven pop blended with live guitars, bass and layers of vocals.

Their latest release, ‘Time’, and previous song ‘Long way Down’ feature a more electronic approach that definitely pays homage to their 1980s influences.
The song is a new direction for Tree Lined Streets, so stay tuned for more from the enigmatic duo and their evolution and exploration into the electronic world of music.

“Mark had just been to a Halloween street fair in Detroit where the DJ was spinning some old Talking heads tracks. The germ of an idea was planted. Upon returning to Los Angeles, he went into the studio with Tim to work on their next single. The song started with a bass line played originally on an old Wurlitzer electric piano. Tim added the drum loops and we built the song from there.The vocals were influenced by a David Byrne style lead vocal and ensemble reply vocal.

After some ad lib vocals the Word ‘Time’ appeared from the ether and the Lyrics started to take shape around the concept of our fleeting existence on this planet, and what kind of regrets one might have upon our exit off this mortal coil. The lyrics were also inspired by the devastation of the pandemic and the numerous people who died, or ended up fighting for their lives on a ventilator because they were misinformed or didn’t believe the science.

We then started to explore synth loops and samples to add to the mix ,taking cues from artists like The Weeknd as far as production style goes. The song guided us from there and layer after layer of production added, in additional vocal tracks, guitars and feature of an official David Bowie limited edition stylophone Imported from the UK, that was used on the classic song ‘Space Oddity’.”

Source Olivia Rayner

November 25, 2022 12:12pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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