Irish singer-songwriter & dancer Adam O’Rua Is dripping with magnetism in ‘Rainfall’ Visual


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Following on from his debut EP EVA, recently released in December, Irish singer-songwriter, producer, dancer and all-round artist Adam O’Rua now shares the poetic, intimate and utterly captivating music video for single ‘Rainfall’.

The Dublin born, Brazil based creative truly embodies what it means to be a successful and sustainable artist in the current culture. Masterfully exploring and pooling his skillset across music, choreography, filmmaking and directing (to name but a few), all these talents are expertly encapsulated throughout the conception, curation and formulation of his debut project. For a DIY, independent artist, EVA is truly a feast for the senses, a testament to Adam’s artistry and an incredible body of work to behold.

‘Rainfall’ is a romantic, electronic RnB Ballad, infusing sounds and production concepts from the iconic 80s/90s era. Effortlessly channelling a young Justin Timberlake, Adam displays a charisma and energy that makes it difficult to take your eyes off him. Passion inducing, and undulating with layers of stunning imagery, the rare and illustrious chemistry displayed on screen creates an air thick with devotion. Leaving the listener enraptured in this sensuous, steamy and deeply emotive storyline.

Describing one of the inspirational threads behind the track, Adam O’Rua honestly shares, “It rains a lot in Ireland and in London too, where this song was written and this story is based. I think there’s something beautiful about the rain. How everything green and verdant and beautiful in the nature that I grew up with wouldn’t be so without it. Something different about how deeply you can cry when tears of the heavens are washing away your tears as quickly as they fall. And deeper still when you can trust someone with your whole heart. What you emerge with afterwards with that person is a bond so deep and intense that it supersedes mere words.”

‘Rainfall’ offers a glimpse into a softer and incredibly tender side to the artist allowing audiences to connect with him and his music unlike ever before. Overflowing with synergy, symbolism and exquisite cinematography, ‘Rainfall’ features contemporary style movement and sophisticated scene work, akin to the likes of the critically acclaimed TV series Normal People starring Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones.‘Rainfall’ is situated in a similar universe, shining light on the everyday and the pure magic, all-consuming nature of romance and young love.

Ever present and incredibly iambic Adam O’Rua muses, “There’s something magnificent about kissing in the rain. Just letting go of all reality and falling into the depths of your love. Allowing yourself to get caught in the most salacious of storms.”

As well as being an incredibly innovative and exciting young artist, Adam O’Rua is also an eco-conscious academic, currently completing a semester in Brazil for his PhD studies of AI models for water exchange in Rainforests. Having managed to utilise and incorporate even this knowledge by building his own DIY rig in a friend's garden for the rain scenes featured in the video.

With skilled songwriting backed up by smooth, soulful vocals Adam solidifies himself as an exciting new enigma to emerge from Ireland's recent musical renaissance. Emanating a keen level of motivation, magnetism and infectious personality his trajectory is primed and the sky’s the limit.


One of the most exciting emerging artists popping out of the recent renaissance in the Irish creative scene, Adam O'Rua is one of those rare virtuosos that seems to bring a bit of everything to his craft. Singer. Songwriter. Dancer. Producer. DJ. Filmmaker. You name it.

2022 saw the release of debut EP 'EVA', celebrated with a stellar headline at The Sound House that brought together musicians, singers, rappers and dancers for a spectacle not often seen in Dublin.

Accompanied by a full 5-piece band Adam O'Rua's live shows are an enthralling mix of tantalising, entertaining (and often hilarious) improvised songs, smooth and soulful R&B ballads and a level of on-stage dance performance and charisma that have earned him comparisons to Justin Timberlake and Usher from the Irish media hot on the trail of this burgeoning talent.

With multiple London and Dublin shows under his belt (The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden; The Monarch, Camden; The Islington, Angel; The Grand Social, Dublin; The Sound House, Dublin) and support from BBC Radio 1X, Today FM, FM104, Colourful Radio and more, 2023 sets the stage for multiple music videos, live shows and the release of two sophomore EPs.

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March 17, 2023 9:05am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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