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One Direction's Niall Horan asks fans outside hotel to be quiet on eve of world tour

One Direction star Niall Horan was forced into asking his fans to pipe down outside his hotel because he couldn't get to sleep.

The British-Irish boyband are currently in Colombia as they prepare to open their Where We Are world tour in Bogota today (April 25).

However, it seems the group's fevered fans irked the boys and their crew as they tried to catch some sleep before the big day.

Horan had to take to Twitter to tell fans outside their hotel to stop shouting and screaming:

"Big day tomorrow! Gona try and get some sleep! Gona be hard! I honestly think this hotel is made of paper! Haha! It feels like the people outside are in my room haha! Not a chance of sleep tonight."

He added: "Guys! May I ask you to keep the noise down please! All of our crew are tired! and we have a big day tomorrow! Don't want to sound angry! Thank you ! Much appreciated! Big day for all tomorrow! Love you lots! Goodnight! Xxx."

One Direction meanwhile took part in a soundcheck rehearsal in the stadium venue, with fans waiting outside and hearing some of the tunes.

Listen to One Direction soundcheck below: