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One Direction weigh in on leaked celebrity nudes: 'We've been tempted to upload pictures to iCloud'

Boyband One Direction have revealed that they never gave much thought to online security until stories about nude celebrity photo leaks made headlines. 

Speaking to the band about the recent leak of celebrity nudes, Radio 1's Scott Mills asked them if they ever use iCloud to store personal photographs and member Louis Tomlinson confessed that he has been put off because he doesn't want to run the risk of a privacy invasion: “I have never used the iCloud but I have been tempted. Since this, no no!”

Harry Styles also weighed in on the issue after he recently joked to the American press that he has 'loads' of naked photos of himself and admitted that hacking into iCloud isn't that much of a challenge so he knows better than to subscribe to that service:

“Do you know what, I landed at an airport around a month ago and I came out of the door and there was a guy at the door and the first thing he said, the first thing I heard as I walked out was ‘do you have any nudes on the cloud?' I said ‘yeah loads.'”

The 'Story Of My Life' heartthrob then added: “It’s not a very complicated hack. iCloud is like apparently the only thing left where the security thing is security questions and there is only four….like your mother’s maiden name. People can just Google.”

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Listen to the lads' new Radio 1 interview in full below: