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One Direction on their busy lives: 'We can't get home as much as our parents want us to, but we try'

The One Direction lads recently sat down for a new interview with BBC Radio 2 (pictured left with the host) and opened up about how they choose to spend their free time outside of their lives as boyband members along with how much they miss home while they're on the road. 

Liam Payne revealed that they do get to enjoy some down time, but it's rare that they'll spend it together as a group: "We have our time off, but we've not had a lot of chance to celebrate together. Boys, I think we need to arrange a little party. One day every year when we go out and let loose."

When asked if they find it hard to relax after working through such manic schedules, member Niall Horan explained that he loves to unwind and has been testing out his culinary skills: "It's not hard (to relax), no. I find it quite easy to relax. I've been getting into my cookery! I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Comfort Foods so I've been making a lot of burgers."

Louis Tomlinson then opened up about being away from their families for most of the year and told the radio station that there's no way they can be home as much as their mothers and fathers would like, but they do what they can to make sure they see them as much as possible:

"I don't think anyone can ever get home as much as their parents want them to... obviously we love our parents and we love coming home, and being in London."

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Listen to the interview in full below: