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Harry Styles plans to go teetotal over Christmas: "I'm on the wagon for fitness reasons"

Harry Styles has revealed that he will be going alcohol-free during the festive season.

The One Direction star is set on going on a health kick over the Christmas holidays which will see him abstaining from drinking and eating junk food.

Harry informed the Daily Mirror of his plans: “I'm on the wagon for fitness reasons. I work out really hard and the quickest way to see results is to cut out the booze - especially wine and beer.”

20-year-old Harry admitted that he has chosen a tough time of year to cut back on his favourite treats:

“I usually have a vodka tonic but I'm totally dry for Christmas. It's the worst timing because everyone's partying but I'm testing myself. Ice-cream is off limits too - I love it so much.”

The ‘Night Changes’ singer also recently revealed that he sometimes can’t stop himself from thinking about food even whilst on stage.

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