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One Direction enjoy sales boost following Zayn Malik's shocking departure

Following the shock departure of Zayn Malik from boyband One Direction, all four of their studio albums have enjoyed a significant bump for the period ending March 29, 2015. 

Malik announced that he decided to quit 1D last week and Nielsen Music has now confirmed to Billboard that the surprising news has had a great impact on the group's sales figure. 

One Direction's latest album, 'Four', saw a 51 percent increase in album sales over the last week, 'Midnight Memories' saw a 72% boost, and 'Take Me Home' enjoyed a 95% increase. The lads' debut offering, 'Up All Night', had an impressive 113% jump.

'Night Changes' also enjoyed a significant chart boost, moving 21 percent more downloads this week than the previous period

'This Is Us' director Morgan Spurlock also recently spoke out about Malik's decision to leave the group and told HuffPost Live that he noticed the star struggling back when they shot the movie:

"He always struggled with being on the road. He's a homebody. He wanted nothing more than to sit in his house and spray paint and draw and do art, and I think this explosion that happened to him -- which was something none of them ever predicted -- but I think he was the one who struggled with it the most. And being away, being on the road, being away from his girlfriend I think finally just got to him, and I think he said, ‘I'm done.’"

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