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Five reasons why Harry Styles will be the best actor ever

Not just content with being a superstar singer, Harry Styles has landed a role in upcoming big budget war movie Dunkirk.

The One Direction man will star alongside the likes of Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance in the Christopher Nolan directed movie, which will hit cinemas next summer.

The Hollywood flick looks set to explode Styles into the acting limelight - and then some.

Pressparty has deciced to round up five reasons why we think Harry will be a top actor - check them out below.

1. He hasn't been afraid to act it up in One Direction's videos.


Case in point being their 'Best Song Ever' promo, which saw Styles turn on an American accent and dress up as a geeky marketing man.

2. He's got an elastic face.


Perfect for this comedy roles Harry will no doubt land when hits a mid-life crisis (De Niro, we're looking at you).

3. But ol' Hazza can do serious, as well. 




4. Niall Horan met someone from Dunkirk on the Tube who said Harry is a great actor.


As previously reported, Styles' bandmate Horan recently said that he met someone who is working on the Dunkirk movie - and he gushed with praise about the singer.

5. He ruddy cut off his famed locks for the Dunkirk role.


And if that doesn't show dedication to acting, than we don't know what does.

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Watch Harry Styles in action below:


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