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One Direction deny they're in a rivalry with The Wanted

One Direction have poured cold water over the idea that they're locked in a boyband rivalry with The Wanted.

Both bands are currently enjoying success in the US, with One Direction topping the album chart.

Some people have put two and two together and suggested that the two boybands are now embroiled in a rivalry, with The Wanted being quoted in some interviews as hinting that One Direction are more about image than the music.

However, Louis Tomlinson told In:Demand that no such rivalry exists - and that the two groups play pretty different music. He said:

"We haven't seen [The Wanted], I've only read in the press what they might have said, but as far as where we stand I think it's all pretty silly to be honest. We are two boy bands but we actually make quite different music."

As previously reported, One Direction are currently giving fans the chace to bid money in order to be followed by the band and its five members as part of a Sport Relief charity campaign - however, it will cost upwards of £3,000.




Watch One Direction being interviewed earlier this year below: