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Niall Horan says One Direction like to "run around naked"

One Direction's Niall Horan is reported to have said that he and his bandmates enjoy running about hotels naked.

The People quote the boyband star as saying that the quintet exhibit their rock and roll side not by throwing TVs out of the windows, but through engaging in a bit of nudity.

He said from "time to time" the boys take to running about in their birthday suits. He is reported to have said:

"We don't trash hotel rooms but we do a little bit of running around naked – from time to time."

As previously reported, Horan's bandmate Louis Tomlinson revealed that he initially wanted to audition for the X Factor as a group.

The boys were pieced together by the judges after deciding that they might work better as a group - with the band obviously going on to massive success both in the UK and the US.




Watch One Direction take America by storm below: