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Paul McCartney advises One Direction to ignore Beatles comparisons

Paul McCartney has advised One Direction to ignore any comparisons with The Beatles because of the pressure it places upon them.

The legendary musician, who encountered similar scenes of hysteria as the boyband with The Fab Four in the 1960s, told ITV’s Daybreak that ‘the next Beatles’ label isn’t particularly healthy for any new act:

“There are so many bands who all get called 'the next Beatles'. Suddenly it puts an awful lot of pressure on them to be the next Beatles. 

"Oasis were 'the next Beatles' once if you remember. It’s the kiss of death. It's a pressure, because suddenly you've got to live up to all the things that we did, and it was a different time. So let's just call them 'the next terrific band'."

However, the 69-year-old admitted that he was impressed with the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ stars’ achievements across the Atlantic, adding: "They're doing well in America. It's good - good luck, lads."




Watch a recent interview with One Direction in Dallas below: