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Tired One Direction looking forward to break

One Direction are going on a break - a six week one that is, before they head back to the US to tour once more.

The boys have been in constant motion recently as they attempt to break into the global market, performing and promoting themselves in America, Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw, Harry Styles said that he is "so tired" but that he is looking forward to some downtime in England before heading back to the US next month. He said:

"I'm so tired – it was pretty intense but a lot of fun. I have six weeks to chill out now. My favourite places were New York and Sydney - I'd never been to Australia or New Zealand before, so that was sick."

Styles also filled Grimshaw in on what he has been up to since he returned to the UK - nothing interesting, it seems. He said:

"I went and picked my sister up from the train station today. And I'm going to pick up my friend from college because he's got a broken leg."




Watch Harry Styles being interviewed in New Zealand below: