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One Direction praised by Dannii Minogue as a "wholesome" return to pop

Heartthrobs One Direction are making as much of an impact in Australia as they are around the rest of the world and Dannii Minogue has given her opinion on the British lads and their songs.

Speaking from the set of Australia's Got Talent, Minogue explained that after watching them perform live she has nothing but praise for the talented hitmakers and she thinks they mark a new chapter in pop music:

"They are such good guys. The excitement around them is amazing. I think it's a bit of a return to wholesome pop music, which is nice."

"Now being a mum, I was standing at that concert and I was looking around at all the young girls thinking about their parents and thinking it's so great you know you can go to a concert like that and all the girls are just having a great time. The boys were just brilliant."




One Direction recently confirmed that their next Australian single will be 'More Than This' and they unveiled the live music video for the track on May 10, which you can watch below: