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One Direction's Harry Styles reveals unexpected relaxation method

Harry Styles has opened up about how he spends his down time and revealed that there's one thing in particular that always calms his nerves.

The floppy-haired One Direction heartthrob recently told the Daily Star newspaper that he loves to clean because it helps him to wind down after a stressful day:

"I've loved cleaning since I was little. I find it very relaxing. I know it sounds weird and the rest of the lads tease me about it but I just really enjoy cleaning - what can I say?"

He also added that he doesn't mind pitching in with household chores because he gets a kick out of making sure that things are neat and tidy:

"I'm happy to help out with anything, whether it's taking bins out, cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom."




Watch an interview with Styles and his bandmate Niall Horan below: