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One Direction fans lap up live DVD as band host worldwide watching party

One Direction fans across the world have been soaking up their new live DVD after the band hosted a watching party to promote its release.

The band have unleashed 'Up All Night: The Live Tour' upon the hearts and minds of their devoted fans, which marks their first ever live DVD.

They hosted a 'watch party' for the DVD yesterday (May 31) as fans across the world watched the film at the same time - along with the band.

Band member Niall Horan tweeted photos of the band watching the DVD and said that the watch party hash tag was trending worldwide. He said:

"Twitter time in the guys really are incredible on here...the top trend worldwide now is #1DVDwatchparty amazing."

Horan meanwhile also tweeted that some 1800 fans had grouped together in the Philippines to watch a screening of the DVD.




Watch One Direction perform 'More Than This' live: