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Zayn Malik tempted to shave his head and asks followers for new style advice

One Direction's sexy singer Zayn Malik has opened up about his desires to change his trademark quiffed hairstyle.

In a series of Twitter posts made earlier today (June 28), the 'One Thing' heartthrob revealed that he's growing tired of his current look and is tempted to go for a complete image overhaul:

"Right guys I need opinions. I either wanna cut my hair short or grow it really long what dya think?"

When asked by some of his 3.9 million fans what he meant by 'short', he simply explained: "By short I mean like a buzz cut."

"So I just got a great answer!! Grow it out see what it looks like and then cut it if it's no good. Right guys I'm gunna get some sleep goodnight and thanks again! Love you all :)"

Member Niall Horan also took to the social networking site this evening and admitted that while he's having a great time in the USA, he can't wait to return to Ireland:

"Hows everyone back home in our beautiful country ireland? enjoying summer? (or whatever we call it in ireland) lookin forward to gettin back."

He also described what he particularly liked about the country, adding: "Everyone's friendly, weather isn't always great but we live with it, pubs and grub, that's all I need!"




Watch an interview with Malik and bandmate Liam Payne here: