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Harry Styles: 'I wouldn't ever lie about having a girlfriend'

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles has admitted that despite the constant intrusion on his personal life by the media, he would definitely open up about having a girlfriend if he was in a relationship.

Speaking to Top of the Pops magazine, the floppy-haired hitmaker explained that people go out of their way to uncover details about him so there would be no point in trying to keep a romance out of the public eye:

"I've never lied about having a girlfriend. I think if you lie, people just want to prove you wrong, so you might as well tell the truth. Why let someone else kind of get the dirt when you can just be honest about it anyway?"

Referring specifically to having his private life splashed all over the papers, Styles added:

"Sometimes things really affect us. I wouldn't say I cry a lot, though. It depends on what's happened. We're all just normal teenage boys. We have feelings and we go through things too."




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