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Zayn Malik saves Harry Styles from walking face first into fire

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles narrowly avoided a recent run in with the band's onstage pyrotechnics after fellow singer Zayn Malik saved him.

The incident took place during a recent gig in America earlier this week when 'Little Things' hitmaker Styles was wiping his sweaty face with a towel.

Because his eyes were covered, he didn't notice that he was walking straight into large streams of fire, but luckily Malik had his back and ran over to divert him (pictured left).

One Direction are currently revealing teaser clips for their upcoming new music video, which is for 'Best Song Ever', and Styles underwent an image overhaul for the cut. He can be seen in the promotional trailers dressed as a stereotypical geek (shown below).





Watch fan-recorded footage of the very near miss below: