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One Direction admit fans fainting is the "strangest thing ever"

One Direction have commented on fainting fans - something which they admit they will never get used to.

The band have legions of devotees across the world and sometimes, in the heat of the moment, they are known to pass out.

Speaking to Yahoo, Liam Payne confessed that it is "mad" when it happens to girls in their audiences, saying:

"I remember the first few gigs we ever did. The first few gigs we did were like in some night club and it was really like round and these girls were fainting and getting pulled out of the audience. And it was just  like, it’s just the strangest thing ever. It’s just mad."

Harry Styles added: "It’s never not got to feel weird, someone like screaming at you."

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson meanwhile said: "I dunno. You just can’t really fathom it."






Watch One Direction perform live below:

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