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Ryan Tedder on writing for other artists and his band's new single

Singer Ryan Tedder has shot for Wonderland magazine as OneRepublic announce their brand new single ‘Wherever I Go’ from their brand new album out later this year

In the accompanying interview, he opened up about the song and what it means: "It’s very much about obsession, and almost an unnatural, unhealthy level of obsession. It doesn’t personify the entire album and I think it’s going to really surprise people, the other thing i’ll say that’s rather important is that we spent ages making sure that it was actually live."

Tedder, who has written for many other artists including Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift, also spoke about lending his creative talent to projects that aren't his own and confessed that it's very enjoyable:

"If we compare it to fashion: anyone with a reasonable sense of themselves, or their own style, the easiest way to reflect who you are on a daily basis is what you wear. So if you walked into Yves Saint Laurent and you have an unlimited budget, it doesn’t matter how cool all that shit on all those racks is – a person with their own sense of identity can spend five to ten minutes in a store as nice as YSL and you’re going to point to maybe two things and say ‘that’s it’."

"So with the record I did with Ellie Goulding, ‘Keep On Dancing’, I’ve never done a trap dance record in my life, but it worked for her. We (OneRepublic) couldn’t put that record out though as much as I love it!" 

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Watch Tedder in action here:


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