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P Diddy has revealed plans to take time out from music

P Diddy is planning on stepping back from music for a while.

The mogul's latest release was 'Last Train To Paris' by Diddy - Dirty Money back in January and he is considering taking his "artist hat off" to concentrate on other things such as helping his bandmates' solo careers. He told BBC's Newsbeat at the Orange Rock Corps event:

"[Right now] it's about supporting Dawn and Kaleena on their solo projects and the rest of the Bad Boy projects."

Despite his claim to take a break, both Dawn and Kalenna believe that he will continue to work and "ain't going to be chilling":

"Puff said he's chilling which is a first for me - he ain't going to be chilling. Kaleena and I are working on our solo projects but I don't believe Puff at all about chilling."

Watch his video for 'Coming Home' featuring Skylar Grey here: