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P.Diddy responds to son's scholarship controversy

P.Diddy "welcomed" the criticism he has faced over his son receiving a school scholarship.

The international rapper and his son Justin Combs came under fire after the star received a full football scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Diddy insists he wasn't fazed by the negative comments surrounding his son's acheivements, and think the backlash will be a steep learning curve for Justin.

Speaking to E! News he said: ''I wasn't annoyed at all. I kind of welcomed it, because if he's going to be doing what he's doing, if he's going to be in the city of LA, he has to be able to handle the pressure.

He added: "So I thought it was a great learning tool for him to be humble, handle it and go out there and prove himself on the field and prove himself at school.''

Diddy also announced plans to set up a scholarship fund for those who need financial aid to go to into further education.

The wealthy superstar explained: ''We'll be announcing our overall scholarship fund, so at the end of the day, it all works out for everybody.''





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