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Paloma Faith: 'The music industry is scared of people speaking their minds'

Songstress Paloma Faith has opened up about having a voice in the world and confessed that people seem to be afraid of mixing politics and music. 

During an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the beauty explained that she has strong opinions and was raised to be politically active, but the press tends to be very wary of this:

"It’s strange how the media previously avoided asking about my views. I’ve always been very open about them, but whenever I went on a chat show or whatever, nobody would ask. Also, as a woman, you often get criticised in the media. I get messages all the time going: “Don’t mix politics with music.” I’m like, what bloody planet are you living on?"

"Actually, the NME tried to interview me once about my opinions, at a festival. There were loads of rock bands there, but everyone was sheepish about saying anything. I remember saying to them: “If the NME have got to interview me, a f**king pop star, then we’re all fucked.” They asked if they could put that on their website and my label said no, because they were afraid. You can print that."

The BRIT-Award winner went onto add that the music industry is 'scared' of people speaking their minds: "The music industry’s scared – they just want to sell records. You know, if you ask artists to sign a petition or something, it’s all: “Oh, I’ve got to go through this person, that person. Can I get involved? Can I be seen to show affiliation with this or that?” It’s like people don’t know their minds any more."

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