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Paloma Faith took punch from man while defending a friend

Beauty Paloma Faith has opened up about her protective nature and admitted that she was once given a black eye after stepping in to break up a fight.

In a new interview with Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the songstress explained that one of her friends was once in a sticky situation and she decided to help out, but got punched in the face by an agressive guy and ended up sporting a dramatic bruise:

"I was defending a friend who was about to get hit. I said, ‘If you are going to hit anyone, it’s going to be me’, and he did. Then he freaked out and ran away."

"It worked. It was the difference between my friend getting beaten up and me getting a black eye, which is what happened. I feel quite fearless protecting the people I love.”

She also admitted that she's improved her body confidence after learning valuable lessons during her years as a dancer, adding:

"I think the dance world was demeaning to all genders. Everyone’s worried about their weight because you are in a room with 360 degree mirrors all day, every day."




“I was so much fatter then because, I was so conscious of my body, I ate for comfort. Now I don’t have any full-length mirrors in the house. I have one to do my make-up and hair, and one that cuts my head off to do my clothes. That’s it.”

Watch her stunning music video for 'Picking Up The Pieces' here: