Kadrolsha Ona and Guy Gilchrist To Release Highly Anticipated Children's Book

Superhero Kadrolsha Ona and Guy Gilchrist, Jim Henson's (The Muppet Babies) Cartoonist are making history with a hard-hitting themed children's book.


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Kadrolsha Ona Carole (KO) real-life Superhero and Guy Gilchrist creator of "The Muppet Babies" his work was declared a National Treasure in 1984 by First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

KO and Guy are collaborating on Kadrolsha's second children's book. The books are a series of hard-hitting issues with a positive message for children. Her second book "Dean is worried for his friend" deals with physical abuse. This is essential for children, parents, and caretakers to fully understand. In the collaboration Kadrolsha Ona and Guy Gilchrist that is exactly what they present. Hard topics presented in a gentle manner with a positive outcome.

Bright vivid colors and specially designed characters created by Guy Gilchrist for Dean the dinosaur and his prehistoric creature friends. The book is seen through the eyes of a young dinosaur and his friends. The settings range from the playground to a swim class and the classroom. Everywhere children would be with other children. The age range is Preschool to K2. Kadrolsha is a real-life superhero and she is present in the books to guide and give positive reinforcement.

Guy Gilchrist is a World-renowned illustrator, author, comic strip artist, and songwriter, Guy Gilchrist is best known as Jim Henson's cartoonist. He created the "Muppets" comic strip (printed worldwide in 660-plus newspapers daily from 1981 to 1986), and was instrumental in Henson's "Fraggle Rock," and the creation of "The Muppet Babies." Some of his iconic Muppets artwork was enshrined in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and his work was declared a National Treasure in 1984 by First Lady, Nancy Reagan. For more information about Guy Gilchrist and his fabulous career visit. www.aguygilchristproduction.com/

Kadrolsha Ona Carole is indisputably the first person in comic book history to do what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book. She is trademarked as Queen of the Paranormal ™ using positive energy to heal and help people. She is a real-life Superhero. KO kicked a gun out of a would-be shooter's hand one house from the school. Kicked in the door of a burning lower apartment to save a dog. She is also an Award-Winning International Executive Film Producer for Tagteam Friendship Productions LLC and Killer Bees film Productions, LLC. With 31 Awards under her belt. Visit her on IMDB: imdb.me/kadrolshaonacarole www.queenoftheparanormal.com

Her first book "Dean is Sad, Positivity Saves The Day" addresses bullying collaborated with Bill Diamond, is an American puppeteer, puppet fabricator, and producer. He worked for Jim Henson at his New York office and has won two Emmy Awards for his work on the YES Network.
Kadrolsha's Book 1 with Bill Diamond will be available soon it is being readied for printing.


July 9, 2019 12:00pm ET by Paranormal 13 News  

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