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Sir Paul McCartney says it's impossible to replicate John Lennon's magic

Legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he misses former Beatles member John Lennon all the time in a new interview with America's NPR. 

The 'Blackbird' icon explained that he and Lennon were incredibly close and he has very fond memories of his late band member:

"Obviously the biggie I miss working with is John because that was something very special and you know it's very difficult to replicate that."

"In fact it's almost impossible, because we met each other as teenagers and went through a lot of life together: hitchhiking to Paris and holidays and working together and being in Hamburg together with The Beatles. So we were very intimate, we knew each other intimately as only teenage friends can."

McCartney also opened up about continuing to work into his seventies, adding that it feels "like a hobby, and a hobby that's turned into a living":

"I do like it. I do enjoy it. I mean, when I get a day off and I've suddenly got loads of time on my hands, I might do the kind of thing where I'm at home — I live on a farm — so I might get out for a horse ride or something."

"But when I've done those things that I want to do and there is still a couple of hours in the afternoon, I'll often just gravitate to a piano or a guitar and I feel myself just kind of writing a song. It's like a hobby, and it's a hobby that turned into a living. But I like to think of it that way and I sometimes kind of pull myself up and say, 'Are you taking this seriously enough? Maybe you should try a little bit more.'"

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