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Sir Paul McCartney on "irreplaceable" John Lennon friendship

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that his friendship with the late John Lennon was "irreplaceable".

Chatting to the Rolling Stone magazine about his bond with Lennon, he explained that they experienced a lot of the same things and had a really unique bond:

"We were kids growing up together, in the same environment with the same influences: He knows the records I know, I know the records he knows. You're writing your first little innocent songs together."

He went onto recall a meeting between himself and Lennon that took place several years after The Beatles eventually split, adding: "He hugged me. It was great, because we didn't normally do that. He said, 'It's good to touch.' I always remembered that – it's good to touch."

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Watch Sir Paul McCartney talking about Lennon below:


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