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Pharrell Williams on success: 'I expected to be the guy stood next to the successful guy'

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams has revealed that he never imagined he would be as famous as he is. 

Speaking to the BBC during the breakfast show earlier this morning (May 28), the 'Happy' hitmaker confessed that he is overwhelmed at the success he has achieved and never expected it:

"I never expected any of this. The only thing I expected to do was to continue being the guy who stood next to the guy... I was a producer you know. But for whatever reason you guys have offered me the opportunity to express myself as an artist and the people were very patient with me and I just intend on being loyal to the groove and things that feel good."

He went on to talk about titling his new album 'G I R L' and admitted that it gave him the chance to get into the female mind: "They've been good to me; they've been so good to me after the past 20 years. There's a lot that women go through that us as men we just will never be able to understand."

"We can read about it, we can study this as much as we want but until we walk in your shoes we don't know what it's like. And so for me I intended it to talk about that a little bit and spread some of that message in my album and just try and push your fight."

Watch a clip from Pharrell's BBC Breakfast interview here: