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Pharrell Williams on Robin Thicke: "He has the ability to do and be whatever it is he wants to be"

Pharrell Williams has voiced his support for his ‘Blurred Lines’ collaborator Robin Thicke.

Following the million-selling success of the track, Robin Thicke has suffered a divorce, poor album sales, and a public backlash of criticism during a Twitter Q&A.

The singer also admitted that he had little input into the making of ‘Blurred Lines’ saying that: “I was high on Vicodin and alcohol when I showed up at the studio.”

Pharrell Williams – who wrote ‘Blurred Lines’ and also signed Robin Thicke to his Star Trak record label – has spoken out in favour of the erstwhile No. 1 vocalist.

When asked about Thicke’s admission of having little involvement with the creation of ‘Blurred Lines’ Williams stated:

“My reaction to that whole entire situation is that, here’s a guy who is incredibly talented, with a masterful voice. And… the success hit him very fast. But I think he’s gonna be fine.”

He told The Independent: “The beautiful part about this is that I feel like Robin learnt so much about himself in this scenario – and not many people see the kind of fame that he’s seen, and could continue to see if he wants it.

Pharrell concluded: "His voice is that good. His piano playing is that good. His writing is that good. What he’s realised out of all this is, he has the ability to do and be whatever it is he wants to be. And we’ll see what he decides."

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