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Punk album for Plan B

UK star Plan B has revealed a secret desire to record a punk album. 

The 'She Said' singer and rapper recently explained that his forthcoming album, 'The Ballad Of Belmarsh', will be different to what his fans are used to, but wants to keep evolving his sound:

"I want to go different each time or else why bother?"

He added:

"I won’t do a punk record with loads of old punk artists, but with proper punk artists, ones at an underground level because that’s what punk is,” 

In addition to this unexpected news, Plan B, real name Ben Drew, also unveiled that he is working on a film project although he wouldn't divulge any more information:

"I am trying to keep it small. I'm working on a big Brit film but it'll have to wait."

Watch Plan B's concert encore live from Brigton, here: