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Plan B won't change for America

Plan B is about to jet off to the USA for some exclusive tour dates, but has explained that he isn't concerned about people not being able to understand his distinctive accent. 

Speaking to The Daily Star, the 'Prayin'' singer exclaimed:

"It really annoys me when people over there say they can’t understand British accents."

“If anyone says that to me, I’m gonna say: ‘Well, I can understand your f***ing nasal accent,’ so how does that work?"

“I won’t be going all posh, or all American."

He will be performing alongside Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe on their joint 'Hooligans in Wonderland' tour, and has said that if his accent becomes a problem he will just turn it up to confuse people:

"If my accent becomes a problem in interviews, then I’m going to play on it even more and go pure f***ing Cockney."

"I’ll get worse.”

Watch his recent performance of 'She Said' live at the O2 Arena here: