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Plan B thinks his new record will offend parents

Plan B is aiming to upset parents with his forthcoming studio album, 'The Ballad Of Belmarsh'. 

The record will be the 'She Said' singer's third and he revealed to The Daily Mirror newspaper that he's made a return to his rap roots in a way that's likely to offend:

"My first record was the kind of record that, when your parents went past, they'd go 'Turn that off, give it to me, it's going in the bin!', but with the second, the same parents were like, 'What a talented guy'. [With the third album] those parents are going to go straight back to, 'Turn that shit off',"

He also added that the new album is a continuation of Strickland Banks' story, but is told from a different perspective:

"It's an underground hip-hop album about Strickland Banks being banged up in Belmarsh. I won't be him singing any more, I'll be rapping about him, commenting on the story."

Watch his performance of 'Prayin'' from Wireless festival here: