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Plan B reveals £40,000 debt woe

Plan B has admitted that he was in debt to the tune of £40,000 until "about two years ago".

The singer and actor released his hit album 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks' in 2010, which landed at No.1 in the UK albums chart.

However, Plan B - who won a Best British male BRIT Award in early 2011 - told BBC Newsbeat that he was tens of thousands of pounds in debt before he started to tour the album. He said:

"I didn't start making any money from [my] live shows until about two years ago. I was 40 grand in debt before 'Strickland Banks' come out. So the first Strickland Banks tour I did I was in debt."

The 'iLL Manors' man continued: "People see you on film posters and they see your album out. [They] see your videos and think you're making money. A massive misconception."

It is said that earning royalties on songs only occurs at least a year after the work has been published. Rapper Wretch 32 commented on the issue:

"The best get rich scheme is probably the lottery. It takes a little while for the royalties to kick in. I'm sure the payment is like a year behind what you've done the year before."




Watch the video for Plan B's 'Lost My Way' below:


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