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Plan B predicts more riots: 'It will get worse until the government steps up'

Rapper Plan B has explained that there will be more street rioting in the UK because nothing is being done to solve the problems that start the violence. 

While talking to BBC's Newsbeat, the 'iLL Manors' star revealed that it's the government's responsibility to try to help the people and deal with the issues that are sparking the crime, but it's unlikely this day will ever come:

"I don't think the government is ever going to solve these problems. We will have more riots, it's going to get worse. We have had an issue with youth unemployment in this country for longer than 30 years. I don't think they have the b**ls to actually go and find out what's going on."

He added that it's equally as important to send out a message through the creative world, which he did with his latest movie 'iLL Manors', in order to realistically reflect the current situation:

"Through music and through film we can change people's perception of the problem and show them the reality of it."

"Drugs are cool for kids, violence is cool, these things are exciting. A lot of these kids don't believe in themselves enough. They feel so detached from society they think, 'What's the point going to school, getting a job?' That's why so many end up getting involved in gangs."




Watch Plan B's new music video for 'Playing With Fire' below:


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