Mauro Picotto - From Heart To Techno (Out 16th October on Alchemy Records)

 A staple of the international techno landscape for well over 20 years, Mauro Picotto returns to the front of the stage with From Heart To Techno. Having made his family life a priority for the last three years, Picotto was nonetheless busy in the studio, adding to his beyond-extensive catalog of releases and preparing us for a new salvo of pumping techno, jacking tech-house and quintessential club material. From Heart To Techno, Picotto’s ninth studio album features a total of 14 tracks full of Italian flair, with super-clubs in the crosshair. 

Energy levels are sky-high and hedonistic euphoria immediately springs to mind upon hearing From Heart To Techno. From the opening drum loops of trance infused tech-house club bomb Proximus Medley to the instantly recognizable chilled electronica of closer Komonster, Mauro shows off what 25 years of manning the decks at some of the world’s biggest clubs have taught him. 

The album spans the entire spectrum of techno with future Ibiza classics sitting comfortably next to dark and heavy cuts. The aspirations of Ibiza-heads will of course be fully satisfied by the likes of tech-house shoulder shuffler Space, the acid bass meets cinematic strings of Lifeblood and the playful funky-jazz infusions of The Whistle. Nos- talgia is never very far and tracks like Flashback, stab-heavy Night Crawling and tribal workout session Born serve as a reminder that Mauro’s roots are firmly planted in pre 00’s sonorities. Dreamy tracks break the narrative of the album and nestle against the darker folds and the pure hands in the air moments of From Heart To Techno. The plink and plonks of Eterea and the elated leanings of Left In My Bag give the listener the perfect amount of brea- thing time before plunging back into the action. The Torinese lets his stern but always exuberant side shine through on the minimalistic electric bursts of first single My Friend Tesla, the laser-sharp techno injunctions of Time To Wake Up, the twisted vocal-led Morning Time and jaw-clenching roller Atomic. 

From Heart To Techno is an album by a man who has dedicated his life to a scene, who has spent an incredible number of years perfecting his trade and who knows where the roots of the sound lie. Often deep, sometimes heavy, always euphoric and groovy, Mauro Picotto’s music works on many levels and transcends musical boundaries. With From Heart To Techno, Mauro Picotto shows us why he remains a charismatic pillar and an influential figure of dance music. 

01. Proximus medley with Adiemus
02. Space
03. Time To Wake Up (Mauro Vox)
04. Atomic
05. Lifeblood (Official Mix)
06. Eterea
07. The Whistle
08. My Friend Tesla (Album Edit) 
09. Born
10. Morning Time
11. Flashback
12. Night Crawling
13. Left In My Bag
14. Komonster (Save A Soul Mix) 

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