21 Years of Mimetic: Les Arts Minis compiles 21 re-worked and re-mastered tracks



Mimetic is a name synonymous with European dance music. The Swiss man has been a pioneer in pushing the genre forward and is one of the main architects in shaping the techno scene as we know it today. For 21 years he has pleased dance-floors with his astounding productions that haven't been pigeon held, rather fluid in how than meander through sound throughout the years. To mark this monumental occasion, he is releasing a full-fledged 21 track monolith of an album, consisting of his most exquisite cuts over an illustrious back catalog. Buckle up as it is a deep dive into the very crevasses of Mimetic's mind, full of complexities, convoluted bass-lines, intricate beats and harmonious melodies, a true reflection of the artist.

We haven't heard fro m the Audio club (Geneva) resident since 2016's Maidenhead before this year and now he is celebrating 21 in style with a three-part project. This is the second phase and follows up the unbelievably received Deepfakes, a boundary pusher which threaded the line between experimental and familiarity with such grace and execution. RVSTD1: 1998-2019 will be, again, released under Les Arts Minis .

The project isn't in chronological order, in fact, the track placement is to act as a guide through sound and space, a tour on the kaleidoscope that is Mimetic. It begins with 'Epilog', a fine beginning and the perfect place setter and you settle into a crackling of noise, as it fizzles the sound of thunder booms setting an eerie and ominous opening. It then kicks into gear with the vocal from 'Blast Off' and starts to set about the electronic mosaic that the artist can lay down. Acidic qualities towards a driving bass-line and merged with sci-fi synths and punchy beats. The next two tracks flow in a similar vein.

On hearing there is something for everything. 'The Other Face Of Mimetic' and 'The Eternal Years', show Mimetic's Dr. Frankenstein side as he ventures into his experimental pocket to unleash these two cuts. Heavy distortions, raw cutting, and chopping, while being surrounded by reverberated punchy percussions and even volatile synths. These tracks are textured with a coat that will be manipulated to deliver a different as it progresses.

He also swoops into the sweeter and softer side of electronic music with 'Sparkling Love' that has beautiful piano induced melodies, which are surrounded by a litany electrical orchestral stab. While tracks like 'Schizoid' and 'The Live Years' as progressive techno assaults. Of Leftfield nature it's impossible to put the sound in a 4x4 box. Both tracks build innocuou sly enough before being met with harder percussions and modulated that swarm the driving bass-line and build a mechanical beehive around them. He also included some more floaty numbers for those who like techno to sway their bodies as the mind drifts. Tracks like 'Ondetech' and closer 'Clown Gottes Trailer', still have driving bass-line and intricate toms, but have a synth that just hovers over the track and their delicate placement juxtaposing the beats works in harmony to deliver melodic tracks, yet edgy tracks.

In all, there is something for everyone on this project and really shows off the development of Mimetic's sound, and for how long he has been a titan in the industry.

RVSTD1: 1998-2019 will be relea sed on June 27th via Les Arts Minis.

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  1. Mimetic - Epilog (2000)
  2. Mimetic - Blast Off (2009)
  3. Mimetic - My Language (2011)
  4. Mimetic - Gone (2016)
  5. Mimetic - The Other Face Of Mimetic (part 2) - live (2002)
  6. Mimetic - The Ethnical Years - live (2006)
  7. Mimetic - Maidenhead (2016)
  8. Mimetic - Dust Reality (Dusty Mix) - Mimetic rmx for Spies (2003)
  9. Mimetic - Emmanuelle (2011)
  10. Mimetic - Autre Vision (2013)
  11. Mimetic - Sdaa5 (2002)
  12. Mimetic - The Live Years (2003)
  13. Mimetic - 10to10 (2008)
  14. Mimetic - Ondetech (2014)
  15. Mimetic - Schizoid (2003)
  16. Mimetic - The Half Way (2013)
  17. Mimetic - X10 (2008)
  18. Mimetic - Sweet Agony (2016)
  19. Mimetic - Sparkling Love - live (2013)
  20. Mimetic - Deepfakes (2019)
  21. Mimetic - Clown Gottes Trailer (2002)
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