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Brian May calls Adam Lambert a "privilege" to work with

Brian May praised Adam Lambert this week, saying that it is a "privilege" to work with the star.

The Queen guitarist heaped praise on Lambert - who has joined May and drummer Roger Taylor by fronting the legendary rock band live since 2011, including several worldwide tours from 2014 to 2019.

Sharing a clip of the vocal powerhouse belting out Blue Suede Shoes after stumbling on a music video upon a fan page, May wrote on Instagram:

"Jeeeeez! Just stumbled upon this stunning fragment on a fan site. Is this guy the nuts or what?!!

"We'll have the privilege of working with him again soon - once we get back in the saddle mid January for an audacious long haul around the world. (sic)"

The Queen star also pondered whether anyone else in the world could possibly match the American Idol stars vocal talent as he shared a stunning live rendition of his song, Closer To You.

Again posting the clip on social media, he added: "You know - I do sincerely wonder if, in the 7.7 Billion people on Planet Earth there is another voice quite like this.

"Yay! I'm having an @adamlambert Adam Lambert evening!! Thanks to a fan account @adamlambert049 - thanks!

"Wow - reeling from this totally live performance on the James Corden show. And... do you feel like you're watching a huge orchestral rock you? This stupendous sound is just a voice and a piano!!! Yeeeow. (sic)"

Earlier this year, May also paid Lambert perhaps the biggest compliment possible saying that the frontman could do "all the stuff" the late Freddie Mercury did "and more".

He said: "Adam can do all the stuff that Freddie did and more. It doesn't matter what you throw at Adam - he can do it...

"He's a born exhibitionist. He's not Freddie, and he's not pretending to be him, but he has a parallel set of equipment. We treat Adam exactly the same as we treated Freddie in almost every way."

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