Beatboxing and distorted guitars – Loopexx continue their unique style with new single with ‘No Go!’

Zany Austrian duo Loopexx continue to spearhead their own unique style – a blend of beatboxing, distorted guitars and positive lyrics that inspire social change.


The band have already released previous single – emphatic pop/rock tune ‘Here We Are, There We Go’– carrying motivating lyrical themes and all profit going to charity.

‘No Go!’ follows suit, criticising the ignorance of society that leads to violence, which will be released on June 3rd. Listen here:

Loopexx consists of singer and guitarist Eric K and human drum machine Pipo (aka James Philip Platzer). Both from very different backgrounds, Eric K has previously worked as a rock musician, whilst Pipo has been more involved with R&B.

The pair’s altruistic outlook is a reflection of the difficulties they have both had to face in life and having to overcome them. After an injury in 1991, Eric was forced to abandon a promising career as a professional footballer, unable to walk for an entire year. Pipo meanwhile has battled with racism being half-Filipino and is lucky survivor of 2013 cyclone, Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded.

Loopexx’s quirky musical concoction of rock and hip hop and their world-encompassing message of unity and philanthropy make them an inspirational and exciting new group in this generations bustling musical landscape.

As with previous tracks, all profits gained from single go to charity.


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