Genre bending 10 track album from sensational Suit of Lights

"A truly great, ten-song piece of art."
Score! Music Magazine 

"I don't remember the last time I was this damn impressed!"

[Editor's Pick !] - Smother

"Amazing....Incredible...The ten songs are over before you know it and before you want them to be"

- Asylum Magazine

"A powerfully emotive ten-song cycle...a fascinating treat"- Amplifier Magazine

"This is the kind of record that straddles genres and defies conventional definition"- Up & Coming Magazine


Having dedicated his life to music since an early age, Joe Darone, pursued a career as a drummer and then in 2003 he decided to focus on songwriting allowing for Suit of Lights to be born.

The genre defying band takes its listeners on a musical adventure far into the unknown with each track. The band, named after The Matador’s Traje de luces, symoblise the beauty and brutality of life with their strong melodic sensibility with varying influences from Bach to The Buzzcocks.

Exploring lyrical themes such as open mindedness and self empowerment, “Break Open the Head” the new album from Suit of Lights, has strong English influences with nods towards artists such as The Beatles, The Kinks and more avant-garde artists such as King Crimson. The album boasts a truly original sound which in turn generates a strong reaction from its listeners. Often being categorised as an indie rock or alternative band, they also incorporate elements of punk, synth pop, metal and even baroque.

"Even the greatest musical elitists will find something to love on this album" 
- RAG Magazine

Pushing the boundaries of modern music, “Break Open the Head” has the energy of punk, the immediacy of pop, the innovation of progressive rock and the timeless beauty of “serious” composers. This makes the band, and their music, distinct and innovative whilst cutting edge and acknowledging of songwriting tradition. Ultimately the band is fearless when it comes to creating music.




Watch the video for the lead track "Break Open the Head", below:

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