Canada's Great Musical Outsider, Big Dik Blak, Issues Double Salvo!


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Born in an unspecified swamp and raised by alligators an unclear number of years ago, the legend of George Swan is swathed in half-truths and mystery. What is known is that he moved to the small town of Steveston in British Columbia, Canada, at the age of 18. He found, gainful employment on the docks,unloading fishing boats, his childhood affinity with water-based life clearly proving to be to his benefit. By 1997, the entire Canadian west coast fishing industry had collapsed. The one positive to come out of the calamity being two bands formed with other assorted misfits in life – The Rash and Patsy Decline. Now, George has emerged as an artist in his own right, with no fewer than three solo albums – it’s swamp rock with a nourishing diet of beer and wild salmon.

George’s nom du rock may seem at first glance a little unpalatable, if you pardon the phrase, but rest assured that no offence is intended. BDB as a name is entirely what you would expect if you were brought up by freshwater carnivores with little etiquette. George has, however, become a multi-instrumentalist with a passion of the heaving, fuzzy, wigged-out sounds of the 1970s – not so much Deep Purple as hoovering up the left-over brown acid from Woodstock. It isn’t all power chords and amp violence – listen to “Smelly Fish” from The Truth is Hard and try not to well up with emotion; listen to “Deep in the Mountain” from Tales from Wreck Deck and resist being transported to unexplored psychedelic astral zones. It’s heady stuff, alright.

George Swan/BDB is proud to present three whole albums for your delectation. Each is packed with treasure - at a guess we’d say priceless, though we’d accept a second opinion. Dig in and prepare to be amazed.

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July 25, 2018 11:40am ET by Quite Great  

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