The Music World’s True Robinson Crusoe Launches Chart Offensive from Desert Island


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In a remote part of the Indian Ocean lives an improbable individual – Patrice Pouzet. Resident of Réunion Island, a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean off the coasts of Mauritius and Madagascar, Patrice is surrounded by the kind of scenery which only exists in holiday brochures and photoshopped desktop backgrounds, yet has single-mindedly forged a music career completely at odds with his surroundings. Not for Patrice the traditional Séga or Maloya style of the island – instead, with his band, Pat and the Pro’s, he has plundered the respective musical wells of The Doors; Depeche Mode, David Bowie and King Crimson, to produce a truly unique sound which is almost exquisitely catchy.

Patrice is no stranger to the music world – his previous band, Parallel, played several successful shows in London in the late 1990’s, somehow conspiring to narrowly avoid being signed by two major labels, and he has progressed through the years from being a backing vocalist and keyboardist to now embracing lead vocal, guitar and production techniques, making him the archetypal one-man band.

Pat and the Pro’s sound is packed with lilting melodies which are packed with sunshine pop, yet with Patrice’s immediately arresting deep croon, evoking the lighter end of The Door’s output but with a more irreverent slant – you wouldn’t find The Lizard King singing lines like, “Hey Ooo I A O... In My Head”…however, you soon will – as catchy a chorus as you’re ever likely to hear and your introduction to the man, the enigma, the Robinson Crusoe of rock – Patrice Pouzet.

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July 25, 2018 11:49am ET by Quite Great  

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