Bright Garden Aim to Be Alt-Rock’s Mighty Oaks with New Album


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Formed in 2013 and comprising Fabio Migliavacca (guitars and vocals), Stefano Romay (bass), Claudio Sitta (drums), Bright Garden are a Milanese alternative rock band which combines the urgency of prime 70’s UK punk with elements of the 80’s West Coast punk scene and a 90’s fuzz guitar attack formation. Factor in a slightly unhinged vocal which evokes thoughts of haywire New York New-Wave acts and you have the audio horticultural opulence of Bright Garden.

The ten tracks which make up Lost Signs offer worldly-wise insights into both matters of the heart, the mind of the ever-after – does God really exist? This is not the sound of a snotty punk band shouting bland expletives which are soon to be forgotten but an album where the songs look at real issues affecting real people – where is the next meal coming from? Is the path to true love really that straight forward?

This cross-generational mixing pot has broken free from any shackles of genre expectation and exists as glorious bed of powerful, insistent riffs, a pounding rhythm section and the mercurial Fabio’s endearingly twisted vowels and consonents. Dig in!

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January 24, 2019 10:37am ET by Quite Great  

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