Suave Martyrs Unite Yorkshire and Lancashire Through Rock n Roll


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Suave Martyrs have already caused a stir by supporting Alan McGee’s latest prodigies, Alias Kid, at Manchester’s Deaf Institute but their latest single shows they’re ready to strike out under their own steam. Man About Town is a swaggering, lurching tale of a night out in Bury but offers far more in the way of psychedelics and attitude than even that can muster! With the neo-psych of early Stone Roses and the skewed stew of Brian Jonestown Massacre guitars, Suave Martyrs are your new Northern heroes.

With the band beautifully split along both sides of the Pennines, with members from both Leeds and Manchester, Suave Martyrs can legitimately claim to be one of the best new bands out of both Yorkshire and Lancashire. Dipping liberally into the more 60’s-influenced end of the Madchester scene but also drawing upon mid-90s US Alternative rock, the twin guitars of Suave Martyrs seem more like an orchestra of 15, with colliding riffs and spiralling helter-skelters of noise. Driven by an almost funk/dance rhythm section, Suave Martyrs are the sound of all your yesterday and tomorrows, joining the wave of indie-psych bands to burst out of the UK in recent times.

Suave Martyrs have only been together for less than a year but have already garnered a reputation for their live shows across the North of England. Remaining true to their roots, they’re happy to play in the grimiest of settings to ensure their music suffers none of the saccharine auto-tune of so many of today’s acts. To reinforce their cavalier attitude, their drummer, Biscuit, was recruited after being overheard rehearsing by his guitarist neighbour who was having a bath! Post-bath, he was asked to join the band immediately. It’s the kind of question you only get asked in the toughest of pub quizzes.

Suave Martyrs are:
Ben: Guitar and vocals, Sam: Guitar and vocals Stu: Bass and Biscuit: Drums.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
18th February Leeds Headrow House
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