Kaos MC and Tito Jackson Showcase Brazilian Rap

Brazilian Rap Emerges Direct from the Favelas with Kaos MC’s Diamond-Studded Track


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Born in the Favelas of Brazil - the suburban, tightly packed areas which the poorest members of society live in often slum-like conditions, Jailson N. Rodrigues aka Kaos MC had to make a choice to follow his passion for music or live the street life. He chose music. His forthcoming single, What’s Wrong, sees him teaming up with the legendary Tito Jackson; international recording artist and YouTube sensation Alex Boyé, and Brazilian rapper, Bull Dogg, to bring the hottest sounds coming out of his home country into the wider world.

Choosing to leave behind a life that revolved around selling drugs, he began his artistic career in 2005 with the Vid'ativa group, after which he launched his solo career. Starting a partnership with Doc B Productions in 2015, he works with international producer Peter Doc B who has elevated Kaos to new heights. Considered something of a folk hero, producer Doc B is one of the few “gringos” (white people) to live in the Favelas where he made the choice to live amongst the locals and grow the rap scene in Brazil. Introducing Kaos to international artists, this has led to their new album titled "O Final Coence Bem", from which ‘What’s Wrong With You’ is taken.

Kaos and Doc B have now started a revolutionary rap movement in Brazil, still based from his home in the ghetto favelas, encouraging positive movement in the local communities, offering hope to those living in the very worst of conditions.

The single is a grinding RnB track with rap and soul elements, showcasing each of the collaborators’ talents. With remixes from Princes personal DJ, Larry Peace, the top-selling Spin Sistas, Victor Lowdown, Lavonz and many more, the Brazilian rap scene is finally being given a long-overdue international stage. The single is due for release on the 8th of April 2019 and will see the emergence of a pioneering new rap star from Brazil. Get ready for Kaos MC.

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February 15, 2019 9:56am ET by Quite Great  

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