The Jimi Hendrix of Folktronica Reveals Psychedelic Drum & Bass “Honey Bones”

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With guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante as inspirations you’d expect a virtuoso musician and that’s exactly what you get with Eil Marchini – a maverick artist who excels at combining the very best musicianship with an unbridled talent and expertise for presenting it in endlessly fascinating new ways. His forthcoming self-titled EP sees Eil at his brilliant, boggling best, fusing his sensational blues/folk-inspired guitar-picking with a night-flight through an electronic forest of ideas. His latest single, Honey Bones, shows Eil at the peak of his powers, an unassuming intro giving way to treacle-thick psych effects and a drum n bass lumbar puncture to Dope Lemon’s original track.

Born in Italy, Eil Marchini has spent much of his life travelling the world, on a mystic mission to experience the sights and sounds of everywhere he visits, ready to mould them into the bewildering sonic creatures on both his first album, Smile, and this his self-titled four-track EP. The EP also features the tracks Magpies on Acid – the furiously demented debut single; Loop 21 – a spaced-out liquid guitar light show fed through loop number 21 of a 99-channel loop pedal; and Lydia, a track written and performed on a Weissenborn slide-guitar and injected with synths for a cinematic edge.

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July 4, 2019 11:20am ET by Quite Great  

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